Brand Philosophy / Concept:

We have an increasing need to no longer see clothing as a utensil. We want to make it a part of your personality and message that you want to radiate as a wearer. A piece of clothing is no longer a decorative element in the consumer society, but a personal story worn on the skin.

The collections of Anne Oomen consist entirely of garments made out of different types of silk. Each item of clothing is dyed by hand in her studio, located in the South of The Netherlands. This way of working ensures that each design is unique. Each item of clothing has its own identity and also offers this to the wearer in a world of mass.

The models are timeless and therefore durable in character. The uniqueness and high quality of the material ensure that a piece can be worn for a long time. Two collections are launched each year, but due to the versatile wearing nature of the material, the pieces can be worn throughout the whole year.

Because every collection is made from the same raw material, there is never a surplus and therefore waste of material. Something that greatly increases the sustainability of the collections.

An increasing amount of people want more transparency about where their products come from, how and by who it was made. They make conscious choices and also want to propagate this vision of life. By combining unique designs with natural fabrics and sustainable western production, Anne Oomen delivers a product that fits in with the changing understanding of fashion.

Designer biography / profile:

Anne Oomen (1989) is a Dutch fashion and textile designer who graduated at the fashion department of The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague in 2016. During her study, she developed a fascination for the unique fall and feeling of silk and the possibilities of dyeing it.

It gives her the opportunity to create an own characteristic bright color palette and a visible own signature in artistic prints. Because her individuality and unique technique stood out, she decided to produce her designs directly under her own name.

Her inspiration comes from abstract painters and modern artists from all over the world. She likes to enter into a combination of dancers with her clothing in order to achieve new forms. It gives her the opportunity to translate her fascination for dance in the smooth movement of silk.

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